Willful Ignorance

The Gay Left continues to contort itself like a Cirque du Soleil act to find away to blame “Right-Wing Christians” for a mass murder committed by a Muslim Democrat.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Karma Sutra?

  • ontario john

    Sunny Ways York Region is getting in the spirit. Police cars and uniforms are adorned today with homosexual sex colours. This is in contrast with London Ont. police cars that are adorned with islamic writing. Quite the competition we have going between police forces on who can support the biggest nut jobs. In related news, two men were arrested today near Lindsay Ont. for sexually assaulting a young boy. I don’t know why they arrested them. It will probably become legal soon. After all, you can even have sex with animals now.

    • Gary

      Here’s the Police at PRIDE that allowed naked males to walk freely while children are around as if child-abuse and quasi pedophilia is normal in the gay village.

      Barbara Hall had punished those that tried to warn people about the homophobia in the quran that now has 49 dead gays in Florida and yet Hall has a park named after her .
      Time to post a plaque there with the names of the 49 gays slaughtered by a quran inspired muslim during Ramadan , I want Barbara Hall to get full credit for this and for each slaughter here in Toronto when the gay bars get bombed or the PRIDE parade’s in Canada.

      Our idiot PM will be in the Parade as an easy target this July 3rd for pressure cooker bombs or Niqab clad suicide -bombers.
      John Tory has taken both sides to support both gays and muslims out of fear not just for losing the next election but a jihad slaughter at City Hall.

  • This is why one should just sit back and watch. If Big Gay wants to die by Islamism’s hand, that is their choice.

  • marty_p

    The Left simply can’t rationalize that their “Chosen People” i.e. Muslims want to kill them. Some are in absolute panic as reality has hit them at 120 mph, while others are still in denial (like those Jews who thought “this can’t be happening, the Germans are a civilized people” as the gas chamber door slammed shut behind them).
    Here is a fine example of what must be going through the minds of the Left as they attempt to deal with reality: