Willful blindness

This is one of those times that being right just feels shitty. I warned you yesterday that Obama will refuse to acknowledge the threat radical Islam poses, not only to gays in America, but to all of us. His blindness is deliberate. When something doesn’t advance his agenda or confirm his fabricated narrative, he simply closes his eyes to the truth.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    It’s okay, nobody is afraid of President Joe Biden anymore.
    There’s not enough time left for him to do enough damage.

  • Oracle9

    And every media story shows that our leadership, our institutions, our national security organizations, are twisting themselves into pretzels to avoid naming what anyone who pays attention to world events knows – Islamic ideology as the cause. The Koran. The constant incitement from a million imams.

    This is not an episode of slapstick Keystone cops, it’s not funny, and the cowardice of our society as it doubles down on the blindness is the greatest tragedy, since our official attitude ensures our continued impotence to do anything, or to do the exact opposite of finding a solution.

  • Linda1000

    Unbelievable, but expected of Ozero. Trudope and the CBC et.al. in Canuckistan are the same.

  • JoKeR
  • Gary

    He sure was quick to label the Chapel Hill killing of 3 muslims as islamophobia within 12 hours , he wouldn’t call the SB ca slaughter of 14 heterosexuals as a hate-crime by but when the gays were victims it’s a hate-crime.
    So the 14 dead in SB was from Love ???