Why do we indulge the crimes of the Left?

What a strange human being the historian Eric Hobsbawm was. I was reminded of this the other day while reading a new report by the New Culture Forum on attitudes to Communism almost a century after the Russian Revolution. It includes this exchange between Michael Ignatieff and Professor Hobsbawm…

  • Alain

    A very good article, however when stating that Nazism tarnished conservatism while true, it fails to make the fact that Nazism is also a child of the Left. I think this happened for two reasons: first due to the communist infiltration of the education system (and a lot of other places) Nazism was equated with the Right, and second that any real conservative accepted the lie and accepted to be on the defensive gave it credit.

    I agree about the majority, especially of the brainwashed young people falling for the lie that communism is good. I am ashamed to admit that when in university I was one of that crowd in thinking the Soviet Union was great. None of my education had provided me with the truth of the millions of victims of communism, and certainly none of the truths of breadlines and the oppression of citizens having to live under communism. At least as I begin to discover those facts and truths, I had no difficulty seeing the evil of communism. Anyone who knows this and still supports communism is a very evil human being in my opinion.

    • Nazism was socialism, the left lie.

      • FivePointSpurgeon

        Yeah, that whole “national socialism” thing can be deceiving…

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          Scapegoating is a right wing tenet. That is why they were placed on the far-right. Anti-semitism can be placed with any ideology for those that wish to know about ideology. Protectionism is also on the nationalist scale either mixed economics or straight protectionism. That is what people forget to realize. Also expansionary nationalism or revolutionary nationalism is what national-socialism is all about. That is why it is known as an extremist ideology. Nationalism/fascism have always been paired as normally right wing ideologies while socialism/communism have been paired and left wing. Globalism is normally socialism, progressivism, capitalism and nationalism tends not be globalism other than in the national-socialist scale. Which explains Vichy France.

          • FivePointSpurgeon

            Look, Mom, revisionist history!

            They were never far right. Again, their whole name was national socialism. You can slam the desk all you want but National. Socialism.

            Furthermore, nationalism is right wing, yes. However, fascism, socialism and communism are all on the left. Every practitioner of such was left wing. Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin through Andropov/Brezhnev, Mao, Pol Pot, Peron, etc.

            Please stop trying to impress us with your revisionism and such. Seems scapegoating is a Disqus Guest thing, too.

      • Clausewitz

        Nazism was Socialism with a heavy dose of crony capitalism to boot. The industrialist at the time thought that they could control Hitler, but much to their surprise it all got out of hand. Makes me think of General Electric and Obama. Pretty much the same scenario.