We can’t ignore the religion of the Orlando gay club gunman

Here’s a prediction. If the gunman from last night had proved to have been a Christian fundamentalist, every person he had ever associated with would by now be being crawled over not just by law enforcement but by the press. Senior church figures and political leaders across America and the rest of the world would have condemned the act and said how important it is to root out such hatred from people’s hearts. Every group, individual or fellow-traveller who was in any way associated with the gunman’s ideology would be forever tarnished by association even if they had no connection to the gunman himself.

Orlando memorial

I’ve seen these mourning rituals enacted after previous atrocities committed by Muslims. Seems to me they haven’t worked very well as a preventative. The Muslims don’t seem to be listening for some reason or other.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Boycot Disinvest and Sanktion ISLAM

    Tel Aviv Cityhall in colors of i dont know how they call themself now and USA


    Where are Saudibarbaria, Dubai, Kuweit and co.?

    • Gary

      John Tory has already done his dance to cater to the gays and Muslims by his hollow vague response to claim that there is no room for hate in Toronto.
      Remember how Tory bash Roosch V as a misogynist that is not welcomed in Toronto …… well Roosch posted a video on YouTube to say that he was a muslims from iran and it’s his faith and culture.
      The CBC, STAR, feminists and Tory that went silent once they heard the M word. Most Liberals are closet racists, homophobes, islamophobes and misogynists that like to go out in public and poit at all thoer other people that are the problem.

      John Tory and Chief Saunders said they will have more Police at the PRIDE parade…….what the hell for because the Police don’t even enforce the current federal Laws for child-abuse and sexual predators in public during PRIDE’s parade while they are making $90,000.00 a year and ruled by the Human Rights Commission.

      Didn’t Chief Saunders respond after the Jihad attack in Toronto by a muslim to claim he didn’t want any of that islamophobia nonsense ???
      Suddenly he’s now loyal to his Pay Cheque and bows to gays that fear a Jihad attack from islamophobia which is the same nonsense.

      #all lives matter , you can’t choose when you can be an islamophobe if you claim it’s wrong for white heterosexual non-muslims to do it but once gays are the victims it changes the narrative .

      • vwVwwVwv

        you aro so right, i can just say yes, nothing to add and
        great explained. the byrocrat leftopaths have
        no spine, honor or shame. disgusting.