Trump: Maybe Obama sympathizes with the terrorists… damn right he does

Donald Trump on Monday suggested that President Obama sympathized with radical Islamist terrorists, and that explained his supposed refusal to take decisive action to thwart their attacks.

I suspect Obama does.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Obama should take Saddam Hussein’s place on South Park.

  • Dana Garcia

    Trump says what many think but fear to say.

    • Blacksmith

      Or that many say but go unheard, it is good to see a public figure that does get heard say it. The spineless so called conservative political enablers won’t say it.

    • Gary

      Since the CBC and STAR blamed Pam Geller for the Garland Tx jihad because she “provoked” peaceful muslims to defend islam and muhamad ……will the CBC and STAR blame gays when more Orlando slaughters happens because they too offended allah and muhamad for public kissing and PRIDE parades.

      Obama called this killing a hate-crime but didn’t say that for the SB slaughter by two muslims as if muslims kill heterosexuals from Love.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I wonder how long it will be before Trump starts calling Obama the Jihadist-In-Chief. He seems to be inching closer to that conclusion. It will piss off the media but win himself more votes.

    • V10_Rob

      Obama is either incompetent or complicit. There are no other explanations.

  • Martin B

    Yes, Obama hates America every bit as much as the terrorists do.

    Yes, Obama has spent his entire adult life, ever since his community organizer days, doing everything he can to harm America as much as possible.

    Yes, Trump is 100% right about this.

  • mauser 98

    …..southern border wide open
    Cancer victim humiliated by TSA agents at checkpoint
    TSA examines cancer patients colostomy bag

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Doesn’t that get right up your nose?

      • Gary

        I remember the video from the Ottawa Airport when Niqab clad women in Black just walked right by the security check point to board the Plane.
        Any Muslims women could have gotten the tickets and walk around to interact but prior to boarding she she goes into a wash room changed her outfit while the suicide-bomber male already waiting there comes out with her papers and a black Niqab outfit to walk right by security .

        We can thank Paul Martin that gave orders to the Custom and Immigration to not force Muslims women to remove the face cover to match them with their passport.
        Wynne and Barbara Hall allowed the jew-hating homophobic mosque to be in the valley park public school and now Ms.Hall may get another Park named after her in an islamists area if the school is used to recruit Jihadists or to get a niqab clad suicide-bomber in the school when all of the muslims are safely in the mosque knowing the bombs will go off at a set time to slaughter the teachers and infidel students.

  • jack burns

    Wonder if piss boy Lamont will give another sputtering retort with random words wrapped around “its not who we are”.

  • mauser 98


    • Clausewitz

      How’s that working for them?

      • mauser 98

        Darwin’s theory will prevail

        • DavidinNorthBurnaby

          I predict a rash of Darwin Award winners.

    • Will Quest

      I don’t give a Rama-Damn ……. those crazy hypocritical queers would never,ever stand up against Christian-ophobia ….. never ….

      • Gary

        true, every gay Village is a self-segregated hive of bigots enjoying the status of a Minority just as muslims are now doing in Canada.

        Diversity is only supported when THEY want good Jobs. Other than that , they are closet racists and bigots that don’t go near other groups so it’s pretty rich for them to claim they are the Tolerant and enlightened ones.

        Meanwhile the Wealthy White Liberals have their segregated Neighbourhood and won’t let a Homeless shelter or needle exchange centre in it as we see for David Miller in High Park where Bloor West Village is now protesting the planned Homeless Shelter.
        This is a charade by City Hall because Bob Rae had also once lived in that area and HE would allow the unwashed peons to get near him and affect the property value of his House . Ironically , Wynne threw money of minorities to buy votes but now the BLM thugs are at her door to protest because CUPE members leaked where she lives as they did to Bob Rae over 20 years ago when OCAP came to his house.

        Just wait until the islamofascists come to their streets with truck bombs and behead their children in public . They will pine for Rob Ford and Mike Harris .

        • Will Quest

          AMEN to that Gary ………..

    • Gary

      When these people are swinging at the end of a noose by their islamist buddies that cheer allah in arabic I will be very short on tears since they are volunteering to be killed as useful-idiots with a shared hatred for the Jews, the West and Christians.

      I know a cafe owner that is Black and he found that the white gays are hard core racists that support the local cafe run by gays . I’ve seen how his cafe has Diversity while the gay cafe is white bread and middle class locals.

      The Government has a Spending Monkey on its back to buy favour and Elections from Minority groups which has failed over the last 30+ years to the point where Toronto is now the most racist City on earth as a Patch Quilt of ghettos and bigots .
      With over 60 nationalies and 50 shades of Brown and all the faiths , it breaks down further in each ghetto for gender, culture and income . Most of these self-segregated groups want their own Community Centre’s and Street festivals on top of paying $1.00 in taxes to get $3.00 back in Services or Funding.

      Racism and Fascism is usually only condemned for those outside these Communities while Diversity is only embraced when they want a Job.
      Take away a large chuck of funding to the ARTS to use for Child Poverty issues will never happen , so the Debts pile up in this 50 year ponze scheme that close to imploding like ENRON and NORTEL.

  • Gary

    Obama had the chance to send in a few A-10 warthogs to slaughter the ISIS savages during the Victory Parade of trucks, but he didn’t and let this scum live to inspire the Orland slaughter to gays during Ramadan by the devout muslim .

  • Uh, yeah.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Correction- Obama: aren’t you really sure he is a Muslim?

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I think in song quotes.
    It’s a curse when there is so much noise pollution around.

    • Will Quest