This Is How Democracy Dies

Why more left-wing violence is likely on the horizon.

Over 2100 years ago, the Greek historian Polybius described how democracy dies…

  • mauser 98

    consider the apathy , lethargy , willful ignorance of Ontario voters as Wynne rapes them daily.
    hang their heads lower is the only response

  • Tom Forsythe

    Meanwhile, at the CBC, Neil MacDonald argues that anyone who isn’t pro-gay shares the blame for Orlando, the way all men share responsibility for Ecole Polytechnique. Does that mean he will take the blame for anti-Trump or BLM violence?

    • vimy

      Both were caused by the same people.,MacDonald’s a Moron.

      • Tom Forsythe

        You mean Gamil Gharbi?

        • vimy

          Mohamed Gamil Gharbi.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Occasionally at work the conversation turns to gun control and how the States is in such a sad state of affairs.
        I turn the conversation to the gun registry in short order.
        It hits home because they are hunters and actually have guns but think the Americans are cavemen.
        So, I educate them on the reasons the Liberals knee jerked themselves into it after Ecole Polytechnique and usually lead with the four million price tag that became four billion.
        Then I finish with the true identity of the shooter and the cowards who left those girls to die.
        And that several of those cowards killed themselves later.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Plato was not a fan of democracy. He was in favor of an enlightened oligarchy.