Robert Hall, Canadian hostage, killed by Muslims in Philipines

A Canadian man being held hostage by a militant group Muslims in the Philippines has been killed.

The extremist Muslim group Abu Sayyef had warned it would kill Robert Hall today if a multi-million dollar ransom wasn’t paid.

  • ontario john

    Don’t expect feminist Trudeau to give a shit about Canadians outside Canada. His government is ignoring the Christian Canadians being held by his buddies in commie China, and he is improving ties with Iran, while Iran has thrown a Canadian in prison. Besides, he is too busy today posing for selfies with whiny indians.

    • He’s stupid person. Blame his advisers they are equally stupid but have his ear.

      • ontario john

        But he does stick up for criminals. He has ordered the Border Services Agency to stop involvement with the reality tv series Border Security. The reasoning is that it violates the rights of criminals. Yes, we would not want to violate the rights of muslim terrorists coming into Sunny Ways Canada.

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    Sad story but that’s an advice to all travellers ” Whenever you travel you are on your own , the current government will never be there for you so it was the previous Harper an his Cons “

    • BillyHW

      Canadians shouldn’t travel to 3rd world shitholes like the Phillippines or Mexico. But sometimes we make the mistake thinking that the “people” there are fully human like we are.

      • DD_Austin

        Actually we should

        in force

        Kill the savages and colonize the place
        free land, rifle and ammo, tractor and seed
        for everyone on the “punitive expedition”

        It worked before we were pussies

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I don’t think ransoms should be paid since they just encourage more hostage taking.
        However, it’s heartless to just let them be killed without doing a fucking thing to get them back.
        Deadly force should also be used as a deterrent.

        • BillyHW

          We should definitely send our army to wipe them out completely.

  • B__2

    There’s a story I heard about long ago about how the Russians handled the hostage taking of some of their diplomatic staff in the Beirut War in 1985. I just did a search for this and found it at Now, it doesn’t have to be true, and I’m sure you will not know for sure unless you were directly involved on one side or the other – but as long as your hostage-takers believe it is true then you may get few hostages taken.