PICTURED: The grim scene at bullet-riddled Orlando nightclub

A series of photos shows the devastating scene left after Omar Mateen opened fire inside an Orlando gay night club killing 50 innocent people and injuring dozens more.

Mateen, who is the worst mass shooter in American history, shot more than 100 people with an AR-15 assault rifle and handgun on the dance floor at Pulse night club early Sunday morning.

The gunman exchanged gunfire with an officer working around the club at 2am before going back inside, according to Orlando Police Chief John Minia.

Writing on Facebook, Pulse, which described itself as the most prominent gay club in Orlando, urged party-goers to ‘get out and keep running’ as bullets started to fly.

Pulse Nightclub

  • Sharkibark

    Already the spin is “nothing to do with Islam.” He was homophobic, he was mentally ill. Is “Islamist” and “mentally ill” really mutually exclusive?

    • Typical. The left are hyper Islamophobic.

      • Gary

        Obama claims that it was an attack on ALL of us.

        BULL, that’s what the PC leaders said about AIDS back in the early 1980’s right after they banned calling it GAIDS because 99% of the cases were middle class white gay males.
        Even the Capybara is saying that ” It’s de’Ja` vu ” all over again.

        Deny that AIDS was a crisis for the male gay community and then they sat back and watch the death count climb year after year .
        Now deny quranic inspired slaughters to the gay community and sit back once again and watch the death count climb year after year.

        It was about 6 years in a row that PRIDE allowed 2 pro-sharia pro-hamas groups to march in it, but suddenly they are now worried about security for the July third Parade because of the risks for a homophobic attack????
        Shame on PRIDE and York U that should have condemned
        the QuAIA hamas supporters along with the shame for City Council to fund PRIDE with grants during those years .
        Now John Tory is trying to wash his hands of this when he supported it back then while knowing the hamas murders gays as does Barbara Hall unless she really stupid where her dumb looks match her IQ .

        • tom_billesley

          If concerned about security, pride parade organizers could hire an “islamist” group to provide security. It worked out well for the US consulate in Benghazi.

  • ontario john

    Father doesn’t know why he would do such a thing. Gee, this is the same father who within the past couple of days said on facebook that God will punish homosexuals, and ranted on past tv programs that he supports the Taliban. Yeah, keep those immigration doors open.

  • ed

    a Turkish newspaper headline reads ” 50 perverts killed in orlando nightclub shooting ” see you in the EU vote remain !

  • jj

    ” breaking news ” gay pride plan massive protest outside mosque where shooter attended and preyed to allah . no wait !

  • ontario john

    Please remember, it has nothing to do with islam. Its those homophobic guns that are the problem.

  • tom_billesley

    After the Cologne NYE attacks, women in Sweden and Austria were advised not to go out after dusk. I expect someone will pop up to advise gays not to attend social and public gatherings, especially pride parades. You can’t blame islam so you must blame the victims.

    • Gary

      Stop making Muhammad cartoons and stop being gay.

      It’s simple, don’t provoke the peaceful muslims prone to riots and jihad slaughters .

      • B__2

        And stop being an Infidel. Make sure you are a muslim, and make sure it’s the ‘right’ kind of muslim: Sunni in most of the world, and Shia in Iran and other places. Failure to do so means that you could be targeted. Even if you are a muslim and get caught up in a jihadist blood-bath, be happy if you are killed, since innocent good muslims caught up in a massacre are martyrs too and guaranteed to go to the muslim heaven and be guaranteed 72 virgins a day. Unless you are a woman. Then you are f*cked.

  • Gary

    It made me sick this morning to hear a muslim caller on the 640 John Oakley show tried to blame the Police for not killing the shooter sooner and that they might have killed several people by friendly fire.

    My gawd, if you try to stop a musliim prior to Jihad we used to hear from Sheema Khan at CAIR-Canada that it was racial-profiling and islamophobia which she opined on in her G&M op-ed column .
    CAIR-Canada is on record by their own Posting at their Website for defending almost every arrested or convicted Muslim terrorist as a victim of anti- muslim bigotry in a post-9/11 era.

    CAIR and Sheema Khan cried racism when the RCMP was caught sending Officers into Mosques to monitor them. CAIR has done more to enable Jihad recruiting in Mosques and get inside all the Security services to get valuable information on protocols and tip-off Jihadists or Mosques that they are being watched.

    The leaflet below is from the Florida chapter of CAIR that coaches the muslims there to avoid helping the FBI , this will include any future Jihad plots to attack gay bars .
    CAIR-canada and the Canadian Arab Federation also offered this to muslims in canada.
    Justin’s senior adviser for muslim affairs is a Sunni Whahhabi Saudi that was the Head of the CAF in the past when he knew the CAF handed out these leaflets but they warned muslims to NOT help the RCMP , Police or CSIS.

    Every time the Bombs go off or there is a Jihad mass slaughter the Leaders act puzzled and are ” shocked, shocked I tell you” that there are jihadists among us.
    Justin just broke bread with his muslim Liberals that use the same quran as ISIS and Hamas .

  • Doug Kursk

    Once again, it must be stated that the AR-15 is not an assault rifle: Rob Snow, on CFRA in Ottawa this morning was going on about this ad neaseum.

    Should have stayed away longer, Rob.

    • B__2

      This confusion is done deliberately by anti-gunners to confuse the public into believing that semi-automatic long arms are ‘assault rifles’ and capable of full automatic fire in addition to semi-automatic fire. This is to try to get all of these banned as unnecessary. It’s up to us to inform the uninformed and make sure that the public know that the 2nd Amendment is not about target shooting, home invasion or hunting at its core: it’s about the maintenance of a society free of the rule of tyrants.

    • tom_billesley
      • tom_billesley

        Media guide to firearms

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Is Obama going to expedite the funds to help the club owners rebuild?