Orlando Massacre: Islamophobia-phobia Kills Again

And it will again…

  • BillyHW

    Donald Trump is right. We need to export muslims, not import them.

  • Gary

    Barbara Hall and the TDSB allowed a jew-hating homophobic mosque in the Valley Park PUBLIC school to appease the muslims in Thorncliff Parkistan which got McGuinty a MPP seat for Wynne .

    I can assure people , as I had posted last year , that when a Niqab clad suicide-bombers goes into the school – while all the muslims are safely in the Mosque – to go Jiahd and slaughter dozens if unbelievers and the Teachers …….we will see Hall and Wynne wash their hands of it while the TDSB blames both of them for approving it .
    Good luck for Wynne if she now tries to get that Mosque out of the school because it will provoke peaceful muslims to do more jihad as we saw when the MSM blamed the Garland Jihad in 2015 on the Muhammad Cartoon Contest because It provoked peaceful muslim to go jihad.

    The TDSB went down on Muhammad 5 times a day and now it has a real crisis on their hands because they promote Ramadan in the schools and endorse the homophobic quran .
    Once the jihad starts in the schools they won’t be able to kick out islam and its hatred for unbelievers and gays.

  • Jim Horne

    In the U.S. is the tone of the discussion on “Islamic Terrorism” changing?

    Newt Gingrich, in the video clip below suggests that the U.S. is going to have to have to change the law in order combat Islamic Terrorism. (3:19 mark to 4:40 mark)

    How far can are politicians prepared to go?

    Excerpt from the TV Series The West Wing – Season 3 Episode 1: Issac and Ishmael

    White House Press Secretary: C.J. Gregg:
    “That said, Tobus, we’re going to have to do some stuff. We’re going to have to tap some phones and we’re going to have to partner with some people who are the lesser of evils.

    I’m sorry but terrorists don’t have armies and navies. They don’t have capitals. Some of these guys we’re going to have to walk up to them and shoot them.

    Yeah, we can root terrorist nests but some of these guys aren’t going to be taken by the 1st Armored Division. Some of these guys are going to be taken by a busboy with a silencer.

    So it’s time to give the intelligence agencies the money and the manpower they need. We don’t hear about their successes.

    Guess what? The Soviets never crossed the Elbe. The North Koreans stayed behind the 38th parallel. During the Millennium? Not one incident. Do you think that’s because the terrorists decided that’d be a good day to take off? Not much action that day? End of song.”

  • Linda1000

    Trump continues to rail against Obama over response to terror
    “Our leadership, especially at the top, don’t know what they’re doing, and we’re allowing people to come into our country that are no different to this maniac, I don’t know how many people are going to end up dying from this,” said Trump, speaking about the shooting in Orlando.

    Copied from AP blog feed.

  • Oh, look. It’s Britain/Netherlands/France/Belgium all over again. I totally did not see that coming.

  • Hard Little Machine

    In a sane society there would be burning mosques everywhere.

    • Observer

      In a sane society it would not be permitted to turn churches into mosques.