Obama’s Orlando funeral dilemma

What will President Obama do about the memorial service that is certain to follow the awful carnage in Orlando this morning? He has a clear pattern, but this incident does not fit in very well.

h/t DR

  • Dana Garcia

    Golf wins. Whenever there’s a difficult complex situation, Obasma chooses leisure.

    • Clinton

      Indeed. In Dreams of My Father, Obama credits his ‘Auntie”
      Zeituni Onyango with helping to raise him and with being a hugely
      influential person in his life. In the spring of 2014, “Auntie” died.
      Not only did Obama skip the funeral, but White House records
      show he played golf that day.

      As it is, in his first year in office, Obama logged more rounds of golf
      than G. W. Bush did in the entire eight years of his presidency. I
      suppose it’s a blessing– just imagine the state of the nation if this
      president had a work ethic…

  • Hard Little Machine

    He’ll name a nameless enemy – guns, or ‘extremism’ and call for massive DoJ force against both homophobia AND Islamophobia

  • Spatchcocked

    Pull a Clinton……Drone a raft of bad guys I had to be present in the command centre to ensure things were done right cause some were Benghazi perps we strongly believe…….
    See? It’s easy.
    I’d say I got my joint caught in my zipper and can’t walk yet…..or I’m too hungover…..