Not loving it! Three grinning Ohio women attacked McDonald’s employee because ‘service was too slow’

They wanted fries with that, quickly. Three women were arrested for assaulting a woman who worked at McDonald’s because she was too slow in fulfilling their order.

Police said the troublesome trio were identified on video after they fled the scene with their children, who also reportedly participated in the assault.

Mary Jordan

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  • Waffle

    Coincidence? Just happened to be listening to this:

  • Alain

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  • Pavelina

    Two of them look kinda spacey. Drug addicts?

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

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  • Doug Kursk

    Ok, without looking, one of them was named Laquisha? or Labuick?? How about Te-diamond-she? All real names, btw, as registered at a local clinic.