Muslims converting to Christianity ‘to avoid being deported’ Warns Church Of England

Church leaders confirmed a spike in the number of Muslims who wanted to convert to a new religion and said baptism can ‘significantly enhance’ an asylum seeker’s prospects of being given sanctuary.

The Very Rev Dr Peter Wilcox, Dean of Liverpool, said his cathedral had baptised about 200 refugees in the past four years.

He likened the situation to one where parents baptise their children to boost their chance of getting a place at a church school. He told the Sunday Times: ‘Mixed motives are not unheard of.

  • B__2

    Given that muslims are permitted to lie to further the cause of islam (‘Takkiya’), then what is going to stop a ‘conversion’ to Christianity until the right to stay in Britain is granted and then a reversion to Islam soon after?

    • T.C.

      Can’t think of a British example. But here’s an American example:

      It seems to me that when muslims convert to Christianity and mean it, they become invaluable and relentless allies against islam. Presuming they weren’t Christians pretending to be muslims to begin with.

      • G

        They are liars and deadbeats who will do anything to stay in the land of the gravy train.

        They would say they are gay, handicapped, Scientology converts if it meant not getting put back on the next boat.
        Fuck them.

        • T.C.

          And I think you’re wrong about some of them, but please, don’t hold back. Spew away.

          • G

            My empathy levels have been depleted by seeing the widespread abuse of charities, social programs and basically EVERY vehicle for helping the less fortunate that has been created.

            You can sit on your ivory tower and type snotty holier-than-thou remarks if you like. It doesn’t matter. We have pumped billions into Africa for decades. Middle eastern countries have floated on seas of petro dollars for decades and the places are still shitholes.
            May I offer a possible reason for this that nobody seems to speak about? Gee maybe it’s the people who live there. Maybe they actually bear some responsibility for the condition of their own homeland?

            The people of the middle east have been wild eyed screaming nut jobs for 6000 years; killing each other. And in their latest, round of extermination we are supposed to pat them on the collective head and say “There there” and clean up their mess?
            Screw that.

            But don’t let any of this interfere with your self righteousness.

          • B__2

            I believe it comes from the cultural Marxism that permeates the media and our education system. This cultural Marxism has the following axioms.
            1) Everyone is equal, or should be equal in status, knowledge and possessions
            2) If some are better off then they have stolen from those who are less well off
            3) The less well off require status, money and resources to be taken from those with more and redistributed to those with less (i.e. Social Justice) until everyone has an equal share
            4) Equality of outcome is fairer than equality of opportunity

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Same goes for Europe.
            Great grandfathers and grandfathers went over there.
            And they still find a way to fuck it up.
            Never again.
            I’ll fight the chinks but not for Europe.

          • Not every convert or apostate is a false one which is why scrutiny is needed.

            In this case, I wouldn’t believe it unless I saw it.

  • Surele Surele


  • DMB

    In the long run the way things are going in Europe even if their conversions are genuine it won’t help their chances of not getting deported. Governments around the world are unjustly treating Christians from soft discrimination i.e. Christian Bakers, Schools being forced to teach and promote homosexuality to the outright discrimination and persecution of Christians.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      How many Spaniards and Portuguese are actually Christian?

  • xavier

    So we’ll see the return of religious tests and possibly the inquisition if only to ferret out the liars from those who are genuine.

    Churchill was so perceptive of Islam being a retograde religion

  • ntt1

    start a rumour that the communion wafers are made with pork fat.

    • B__2

      It wouldn’t matter: Islam allows muslims to say or do anything contrary to Islam as long as they remain muslim in their hearts. Remember that the 9/11 hijackers went to strip clubs and drank shortly before the hijacking. You would have to examine what is in their minds to determine if they are truly converting – and there isn’t any method or machine ever made that can do that.

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        This could lead to atheism being massively supported which I hope for. At least that way there would be no love for special interests and this nation could finally have a good transition to no wars, peace, domestic policies, and anti-globalism and immigration reduction. Who needs religion these days?!

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          It would also lead to hopefully that rapturist world war or a world war against Russia/China/N. Korea/Iran being avoided.

          Good all around!

  • Well, obviously.

  • Barrington Minge

    I am an athiest. I don’t need to convert to anything.