How Orlando might affect the US election

I wrote to ask our American friend, who has called the US election for us correctly for many months, whether the mass shootings at Orlando have made a difference:

Can it really be true that Donald Trump is taking heat for referring to Islamic terrorism, when 50 people are dead at the hands of someone who was explicitly targeting them because they are gay, in the name of Islam? And other politicians are dancing around the point?

Anyway, Friend wrote back to say,

It’s hard to see how it hasn’t already. Clinton wouldn’t utter the words “Islamic terrorism.” This insults Americans who are routinely insulted (and belittled) by the left. No one could foresee this attack and yet Trump looks prescient, not because he’s a seer but because he speaks honestly. This doubles back to his destroying the prison of political correctness, without which American media are powerless. Trump calls them scum and they don’t care but neutralizing their power by destroying political correctness is crime for which they’ll never forgive him.

Yes. Many media made it all about gun control. Gun control may reduce mass murder among the less motivated, but the Islamist is highly motivated (yet such media can’t admit that the murderer’s affiliation is his central motivator).

Or their big worry now is not more attacks but Islamophobia (as if the inability to have honest discussions doesn’t fuel the suspicion). Or else  everyday homophobia, as if this kind of thing is normal.

Who do they think their avoidance and denial are helping?

Reality check: Mark Steyn thinks that civilizations can become just too stupid to survive.

It will be an interesting test of whether legacy media can survive now at all without government subsidy. For example, the tax-supported CBC simply avoided reporting the central facts.

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Decision point at Orlando Moving the discussion forward

  • Alain

    It will only affect the election if Americans have longer memories than Canadians, and I so hope they do.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I’ve been waiting all day long to come home and watch Trump’s speech.

    • gaijin

      It might because gay folks are directly affected and latinos as well.
      A large percentage if not most of the victims were latinos.
      A 10% switch by these 2 groups with their families and friends
      might be enough to put Trump in the WH.

  • Yo Mama

    Why is the media reporting that 50 people were killed, when it was 49 were murdered plus the killer was sent to Hell where he belongs?

  • ismiselemeas

    I have to say, I was listening to French CBC radio in Toronto (Radio Canada) today and their take was very refreshing. They had no problem calling a spade a spade and neither did their interviewees. It could not have been more different from the drivel English CBC was dishing up.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Funny that.

  • jack burns

    I sort of agree with Steyn. We are in the middle of a full stupid swan dive.