Gatekeeper media on the Orlando mass murder: An odd experience

Here in Ottawa, we are advised by Metro News that the LGBT community is “still dancing” with no reference whatever to the Islamist component of the attacks. As if possible triggers do not matter. But, if one is a potential victim, why don’t potential triggers matter?

Also, Mark Steyn vs the National Post

Mark Steyn:

It’s hard not to be moved by the poignant symbolism of the Pulse nightclub, wherein the corpses still lie, as police pick through the crime scene – and every few seconds from the pocket of a lifeless body on the floor the cellphone rings and rings and rings in hopes someone will pick up. I

You don’t still subscribe to the National Post, do you? Here’s Laurie Kellmann of the Associated Press, published there, pursing her disapproving, collective lips:

Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, also offered words of support. But then he tweeted that he had been “right” about Islamic extremism, issued a statement saying he “said this was going to happen” and went after President Barack Obama. As Obama stepped to the podium in Washington to address the nation early Sunday afternoon, Trump tweeted:

“Is President Obama going to finally mention the words radical Islamic terrorism? If he doesn’t he should immediately resign in disgrace!”

Obama doesn’t need to address facts because people who depend on government for survival (governments that will soon be able to euthanize them) are not in a position to say anything, and in the meantime they are Hill’s solid voters. And grateful consumers of materials from Associated Press.

Now listen to Obama, the Rainbow Halo of whom Kellmann obviously approves:

In his address Obama called the tragedy an act of terror and hate. He didn’t talk about religious extremists, nor did others, reluctant to inflame a stunned nation already on edge about attacks inspired by the Islamic State group. Obama said the FBI would investigate the shootings in the gay nightclub as terrorism but that the alleged shooter’s motivations were unclear. He said the U.S. “must spare no effort” to determine whether Mateen had any ties to extremist groups.

Did anyone really, truly believe that the shooter’s motives were unclear?

Don’t we know that a medium has utterly failed when it articulates concerns no reader really has?

Goodbye, National Post. Nice try. Too bad you sold out before help arrived.

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  • This is political correctness as a blunt force object. They lie through their teeth to advance a liberal agenda of imagined moral superiority all the while endangering others who will pay the price of their egotistical disregard for others.

    • That’s the part that bothers me. People will die so that these cocktail setters can feel good about themselves.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Cocktail setter sounds like a dog breed.
        Couldn’t help myself.

  • G

    For gawd’s sake don’t don’t read the Metro News!! That shit will rot your head faster than a fire hose full of mutated flesh eating disease.

    When I used to take the C-train in Calgary there was Metro employee uptown who would stand and hand out the paper to people boarding the train. I hated the Metro and tried to not make eye contact. He would thrust it at me anyway. I must have not been the only one who didn’t like having a paper pushed on them every morning.

    I heard a woman behind shout with anger “I DON’T WANT IT!! GET THE IDEA!! ”

    I thought “holy shit not only is this paper free but sometimes you can’t even GIVE it away!”

  • Alain

    I have said for a very long time, that when Conrad Black departed, the NP started its spiral down the leftist drain.

  • Gary

    The MSM is now bailing out Hillary by changing the narrative to claim the muslim was gay and a regular tat the club to pick up men.
    So now that gay community is tossed under the bus by Hillary to blame it on one of their own to appease the muslims she and Obama cater to or the ones that Donate to the Clinton Foundation and want favour when she gets elected.

    Poor media , they went silent over the other terrorist person caught heading to the PRIDE parade in California even though they called him White ……this means that the Police report must have shown he was a muslim .

  • Spatchcocked

    If I were gay I’d ” Move my rump for Trump”.