Euthanasia for unwanted sexual attraction

From MercatorNet

A 39-year-old man has requested euthanasia because he fears that he may be a paedophile

The BBC asked Gilles Genicot, a bioethicist at the University of Liege, to comment on the case, as he is also a member of Belgium’s euthanasia review committee. He said:

“It’s more likely he has psychological problems relating to his sexuality. I cannot find a trace of actual psychic illness here. But what you cannot do is purely rule out the option of euthanasia for such patients.

“They can fall within the scope of the law once every reasonable treatment has been tried unsuccessfully and three doctors come to the conclusion that no other option remains.” More.

Reality check: It will not prove possible to refuse euthanasia for any reason. It’s as with abortion, you either slam the door on it or there are piles of corpses.

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