Decision point at Orlando: Moving the discussion forward

I hope one of our commenters will not reprove me too harshly for quoting much of his comment here:

The blame on Republicans and 2nd Amendment supporters has never stopped before. Here’s what’s going to happen:

1) The religion the perpetrator is unlikely to be mentioned, and the media is likely to blame the massacre on “Fiercely Conservative” thinking.

) If the religion is forced into the media, everybody in the MSM will be chanting, “Islam is a Religion of Peace”. No mention of the traditional punishment for gays in Islam. Imams of any mosque attended by the perpetrator, in the unlikely event they are interviewed, will claim either that they barely knew the man even if he regularly attended the mosque five times a day, or that he seemed agitated by Trump’s rhetoric.

3) Just as violence against Trump supporters was labelled ‘Trump-inspired violence”, then this massacre will be labelled as “Following traditional Republican anti-gay rhetoric”, or “”Following traditional right wing anti-gay rhetoric”

4) Trump will be blamed for “the climate of intolerance, following demonstrations against Trump for racism across the country”. By implication, this is Trump’s fault for stirring up strong emotions.

Reality check: All true. But what follows?

The question we should be asking is, why don’t gay people want to live? Only people who do not care whether they stay alive can afford the delusions noted above:

Especially: That “religion” is a problem irrespective of what the religion teaches. Which religions in the world are associated with countries or current practices that stone, behead, or shoot gay people? Or throw them off buildings?

Why are we not allowed to name those religions or itemize the teachings? Or ask adherents where they stand on those teachings?

More important: Why do gay people vote for politicians who won’t talk about any of this and sponsor policies or legislation that make talking about it difficult?

Of course, gay people, or anyone, can go pull down the local storefront Jesus Holler or the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall. You know, Fight Hate! and all that.

How will that make them, or anyone, safer?

Donald Trump, we hear, faces a “backlash” for referring to radical Islamic terror.

Not nice of him. Just so not nice.

Truth costs, but falsehood costs more.

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