Turkey plans to release millions of migrants if the EU doesn’t grant it visa-free travel

Diplomatic cables between the Government and the British mission in Ankara also suggest that EU mandarins are trying to keep any visa deal with Turkey secret until after the referendum.

The Government is set to follow in the footsteps of an EU deal with Turkey on visa-free travel within the borderless Schengen zone, according to the documents

  • Martin B

    Never trust a Turk.

  • Alain

    If Western Europe had a modicum of spine, this wouldn’t matter. They could simply close their borders and start deporting all Turks and other Muslims. Since they haven’t any intention of doing that, they will shake in their boots and give in to the blackmail.

  • Why doesn’t Cameron promise water hoses and swift returns of said migrants to Turkey if Erdogan tries anything?

  • Ron MacDonald

    They will do it anyhow, start shoot to kill and they won’t come.