Trudeau’s costly favouritism: Doles out public money for Ontario social spending, stalls on shovel-ready pipelines

The Liberals will spend $120 billion of public money on infrastructure but a report by former Finance Minister Joe Oliver and Youri Chassin at the Montreal Economic Institute reveals the spending doesn’t include much for economic infrastructure. Most of the money will go to affordable housing, child care and early learning, and climate change; social issues for the most part, not things that stimulate the economy.

  • ontario john

    And with the additional billions being given to whiny indians, we don’t even know where the money is going, as any scrutiny of the funds has been dropped by feminist Trudeau.

  • Waffle

    LOL!!! The new infrastructure sure ain’t the same as the old infrastructure, or to paraphrase the FP writer, “this isn’t your babushka’s infrastructure”.

  • ontario john

    According to the media, feminist Trudeau has stopped the Canadian Border Services from participating in the reality tv show about border security. Showing people stopped at the border is not part of the new Sunny Ways Canada.

  • canminuteman

    In general apending on infrasructure projects would beneift men who work for a living and the families they support. Affordable housing and daycare and “early learning” spending, in general supports the sainted single mothers and the “Julias” of the owrld, who are the people who heavily voted for the dreamy PM Zoolander. He’s just giving back to his supporters.

  • All for the welfare state.

    I can wait for Liberal voters to lose their homes over this.

  • Alain

    I guess most people are just too ignorant to know that government does NOT stimulate the economy ever. No government anywhere ever does unless government removes itself and gets out of the way of private business and entrepreneurs.

    • Daviddowntown

      I dare say that most canadians don’t realize that the majority of our wealth comes from resource extraction.

      • Alain

        Yes, and it isn’t the government that is doing it. The government however attempts to put more and more obstacles to prevent it, even to the point of allowing foreigners to intervene.

  • Ron MacDonald

    He’s simply trying to keep that miserable bitch in power.