Terror attack in Orlando, 50 dead

A bit of background: The club may have attracted terrorist attention. Info re believed shooter. Allegiance to Islamic State Worst mass shooting in US? Islamic State claims responsibility US Prexz: Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of the victims.


  • Millie_Woods

    I don’t imagine young Siddique ever imagined himself dying on the floor of a transgender bathroom. What do you want to bet he was a conflicted butthole surfer?

  • Brett_McS

    In the Malay war the Brits found that the most effective weapon was to bury the Jihadis they had killed wrapped in pig skin (cremation is also an option) to prevent them (in their belief system) from entering Paradise, letting if be known what they had done.

    Look for what happens to the body of this Jihadi to see how serious we are about fighting radical Islamists. If he is allowed to be buried by his local Mosque – not serious. If he is cremated with his ashes blown to the wind – serious.

    In fact that’s the question I would ask of the authorities: Will his body be cremated?

  • ontario john

    Just watched Obama give his “Nothing to do with Islam” speech. No mention of islam, muslims or even ISIS. He did rant about gun control. Because muslims don’t kill people, guns do. And the CBC after the speech ranted about gun control as well.

    • Alain

      It will be the same pack of lies we’ll hear from Canada with the Liberals in power.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Alain, it isn’t Liberals who lie to you. It is Canadians. Canadian politicians, Canadian “leaders” of all descriptions, Canadian “newsmakers” etc.
        Over my decades of life, I have seen a close connection between the words “Canadian” and “lies and liars”.

        The BIGGEST LIE OF ALL – treasured by so many Canadians – is that Canadians are “better” than, say, Americans, and that they hardly ever lie. In fact, I suspect Canadians are far less honest on average than are Americans. I cannot remember a Canadian leader or politician EVER getting censured or punished for lying. Ever.

        Lies and lying are as Canadian as maple syrup. I honestly wish this wasn’t true, but it is, in BOLD and UNDELINED. Pity.

    • As usual.

    • RAMA44
  • G

    Muslim walks into a gay bar.
    Bartender says “Hey why the long face?”
    Muslim screams Alluh Ackbar!!! & kills everybody!

    Hmm, the punchline needs work.

  • canminuteman

    I heard this story on 680 radio news. They reported it as “the largest mass shooting in American history. No mention of terrorism,no mention of islam, no mention that the target was a gay club.

    A news station chooses to report a story and not mention any of the pertinent facts. That takes a lot of effort.

    • Alain

      If they reported the facts, then the big lie that more gun control is required would not fly.

  • Alain

    I just listened to the above video clip and even there no mention of a Muslim or Islam. The closest was calling it “domestic” terrorism.

  • Samuel

    Nothing to see here, just another false flag attack..

  • JoKeR
    • B__2

      The blame on Republicans and 2nd Amendment supporters has never stopped before. Here’s what’s going to happen:
      1) The religion the perpetrator is unlikely to be mentioned, and the media is likely to blame the massacre on “Fiercely Conservative” thinking.
      2) If the religion is forced into the media, everybody in the MSM will be chanting, “Islam is a Religion of Peace”. No mention of the traditional punishment for gays in Islam. Imams of any mosque attended by the perpetrator, in the unlikely event they are interviewed, will claim either that they barely knew the man even if he regularly attended the mosque five times a day, or that he seemed agitated by Trump’s rhetoric.
      3) Just as violence against Trump supporters was labelled ‘Trump-inspired violence”, then this massacre will be labelled as “Following traditional Republican anti-gay rhetoric”, or “”Following traditional right wing anti-gay rhetoric”
      4) Trump will be blamed for “the climate of intolerance, following demonstrations against Trump for racism across the country”. By implication, this is Trump’s fault for stirring up strong emotions.
      5) “Easy availability” of guns will be cited as one of the causes of the massacre – not a factor in the execution of the act but in actually driving the decision to hurt people,
      6) The offender will always be described as a “Caucasian male” or “White male”, pushing the agenda that his race is linked to the crime – but only the white race – unless the victims are non-white, at which time racism will be deemed the cause of the death or injury of these victims,
      7) Florida’s CCL laws will be blamed for allowing the perpetrator to carry both the pistol and the long arm used in the massacre, leading to MSM demanding that the CCL laws must be abolished.