Quaint Americans are surprised to learn

Woman 24 Weeks Pregnant Killed, But Canada Says Her Unborn Baby Boy Isn’t a Human Being

The murder of Candice Rochelle Bobb from Etobicoke, ON is a tragedy complicated by the fact that she was 24 weeks pregnant with her third son. Since 2000, at least twenty-four Canadian women have been victims of violent assault or murder while carrying their child to term. More.

Reality check: By the time the Trudeaupians and their international allies are through, no one will be a human being in the traditional sense. By the way, do you ever hear much about this from the Conservatives?

All I ever heard is that I should like them because their interim party leader is a bimbo instead of a boyo. Or is that too harsh?

See also: Broadening euthanasia in Canada: In Trudeaupia, everything has a right to live except you, but at least you voted for it.

  • tom_billesley

    Yet a child in the 22nd week of a pregnancy is a human being worth saving by keeping a brain-dead mother on life support.

  • Alain

    We only have a pretend Conservative Party, so were they honest they would change the name to the Progressive (actually regressive) Party.

  • Watch the mental gymnastics people do over this.

    If one cannot charge a criminal for attacking a pregnant woman then ban baby showers. Let’s be consistent.

  • Gary

    I remember hearing a News item one night that a driver that was drunk and crossed over into the oncoming traffic had killed the drive of the car they hit and caused the pregnant passenger to lose the baby which ended in the Court ruling of Guilty for killing the driver and the baby.
    But women fought to be able to kill a baby at 8 months because it was a lump of tissue and not a human yet.
    How can you be guilty for killing a unborn baby but the mother can kill it because it’s legal .