Men can now compete with women at Olympics

From Kevin McCullough at Townhall:

The International Olympic Committee (which has had an impossible task of keeping performance enhancing drugs out of the systems of their athletes) has now sanctioned that men (complete with genitalia given at birth) will be allowed to compete against women.

The IOC believes that men who lower their testosterone level by a certain percent for a defined length of time have become sufficiently “female enough” to get to run, race, box, lift, jump, skate, etc against exclusively other women.More.

Reality check: Feminism was never about anything except fourth-trimester abortion anyway. Never thought I’d live to see the day I could prove it for sure.

See also: Dodgy same-sex households stats Is there a name for the delusion that causes people to believe that statistics matter in situations like this? One of the nice things about being a Top Person is that one can pay to have statistics manufactured. The rest is just enforcement.