Dutch woman held in Qatar since March after reporting rape charge

The Dutch Embassy in Qatar confirmed the woman is being held and said a hearing was scheduled for Monday in Doha.

The embassy said Saturday it was “in close contact with the defendant and her family” and has provided consular services.

“We have provided assistance to her since the first day of detention,” it said.

  • DMB

    Qatar and the UAE may look like modern 21st century cities with all their skyscrapers but as long as they are Islamic countries governed by Sharia Law they no better then secular dictatorships. When traveling to another country your rights and freedoms don’t travel with you. For a non Muslim woman travelling to Qatar she was very naive to travel their which is why people should do their research in a country they will potentially travel to.

  • Maxsteele

    “We have provided assistance to her since the first day of detention,” Translation from progressive, cucked, nation speak…”We are begging them to please let her go and we have apologized profusely for our citizen dressing like a slut by showing her finger tips and getting your Muslim animals all frenzied with lust that you had to rape her.”

  • Martin B

    Note that nowhere does this story (or any others I’ve seen in the MSM) mention the firm grounding of this arrest in Sharia law – if a rape victim cannot come up with four male Mohammedan witnesses to testify that she has been raped, then her rapist goes free and she gets stoned to death for adultery in the name of Allah the Merciful and Compassionate. The whitewashing never ends.

  • simus1

    “Single women vacationing in Quatar”.
    “Single woman socializing with strangers gets her drink spiked and wakes up raped.”
    “Raped Dutch woman reports rape to authorities and is arrested as usually occurs.”
    Er, what part of being a total moron from the get go is she having difficulty understanding?

    • canminuteman

      If she really is Dutch, and not just from Holland she probably spent all her formative years being brainwashed into the cult of the multicult.

      • simus1

        In Qatar there are expat construction slaves paid close to nothing who die like flies and expat big brain slaves paid big tax free fortunes who think they are kings.
        But when the sharia courts come calling, they are both teetering on a knife edge.

  • Qatar funds ISIS and uses North Korean slave labour.

    Carry on.