Donald Trump’s Full Statement on Orlando Attack

Last night, our nation was attacked by a radical Islamic terrorist. It was the worst terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11, and the second of its kind in 6 months. My deepest sympathy and support goes out to the victims, the wounded, and their families.

In his remarks today, President Obama disgracefully refused to even say the words ‘Radical Islam’. For that reason alone, he should step down. If Hillary Clinton, after this attack, still cannot say the two words ‘Radical Islam’ she should get out of this race for the Presidency.

If we do not get tough and smart real fast, we are not going to have a country anymore. Because our leaders are weak, I said this was going to happen – and it is only going to get worse. I am trying to save lives and prevent the next terrorist attack. We can’t afford to be politically correct anymore.

The terrorist, Omar Mir Saddique Mateen, is the son of an immigrant from Afghanistan who openly published his support for the Afghanistani Taliban and even tried to run for President of Afghanistan. According to Pew, 99% of people in Afghanistan support oppressive Sharia Law.

We admit more than 100,000 lifetime migrants from the Middle East each year. Since 9/11, hundreds of migrants and their children have been implicated in terrorism in the United States.

Hillary Clinton wants to dramatically increase admissions from the Middle East, bringing in many hundreds of thousands during a first term – and we will have no way to screen them, pay for them, or prevent the second generation from radicalizing.

We need to protect all Americans, of all backgrounds and all beliefs, from Radical Islamic Terrorism – which has no place in an open and tolerant society. Radical Islam advocates hate for women, gays, Jews, Christians and all Americans. I am going to be a President for all Americans, and I am going to protect and defend all Americans. We are going to make America safe again and great again for everyone.

  • I suspect Mateen just tilted the election in favor of President Trump.

    • El Martyachi

      Journos are no doubt workin overtime looking for a way to seed doubt and sell this thing as a false flag. Don’t laugh.. false flag conspiraporn sells .. see K’s recent piece.

      • ntt1

        I wonder about the California parade ” thwarted attack,” Why would he drive all the way from indiana when there are target rich gay pride parades all over?

    • I hope.

    • B__2

      Expect to see Hilary double down on her election policies of ‘Effective and Sane Gun Control’ to try to shift the emphasis from unreliable or dangerous immigrants to policies that are popular amongst liberals.

      • All Trump has to say is “Florida bars are gun free zones”. Heh.

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    Ahhh, I’d forgotten what a Presidential statement sounded like. Refreshing.

    • Alain

      I agree but sadly he still fell for the mythological “radical” Islam instead of just admitting it IS Islam in all its glory.

      • ntt1

        yes it is really simple , I am confident he will get there eventually after the next attack in a month or so..

      • FivePointSpurgeon

        Stop letting good be the enemy of perfect.

  • I do hope he wins.

    • Daviddowntown

      I think the continued existence of decency on planet earth depends on it.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Seven months left until Obama is finally outta here.

  • Brett_McS

    That could be the winning statement.

  • Jay Currie

    He keeps sounding Presidential…

    But that can’t happen right?? Right?