Donald Trump is exploiting the Orlando nightclub shooting before the crime scene has even been cleared

There have been always been two largely unspoken fears about the run-up to November’s US Presidential election. Firstly, that lone wolf terrorists would strike within the United States; secondly, that it would be quickly exploited by the campaign of Donald Trump.

Both have happened. The horror of Orlando is on a truly awful scale – the worst mass shooting in American history.

And less than twelve hours later there was this tweet by Donald Trump – remarkably ill-judged and in poor taste. He was trying to deflect “congratulations” for his analysis of the threat.

So remember: when Obama injects his political agenda into a tragedy, he’s The Lightbringer. But when a Presidential candidate rightfully criticizes his opponent and the incumbent for the disastrous policies that created that same tragedy, it’s “remarkably ill-judged”.

They know they just lost the election, and they’re scared.