Copenhagen: Islamic gangs intimidate bar patrons, tell them no drinking in Sharia zones

I feel like a broken record, but as the Muslim immigrant population grows (as it is in Europe), Islamic supremacists (devout Muslims!) feel comfortable in beginning to put demands on the population they are conquering (yes! they believe they are conquering infidel lands) to be more sharia compliant.

  • Dana Garcia

    Defend the bars! Great things happen in saloons, like organizing the American Revolution. The Sons of Liberty cooked up some of their best stuff in the Green Dragon Tavern,

  • xavier

    Sacrifice some alcohol by spraying get it on them and burning them . Also time to stock up on bats axes knives and molotov cocktails

    • Kathy Prendergast

      I would be satisfied to spit a mouthful of beer in their faces.

  • Gary

    Justin has been told by this Sunni saudi adviser that canada is getting only the peaceful muslims so there is not need to worry.

    Chief Saunders in Toronto wants to warn gays about any islamophobic nonsense…STFU and take the pain or more gays will die. .

    • Kathy Prendergast

      What, is he really worried that gangs of fabulous vigilantes are about to storm mosques and Muslim neighbourhoods and start bashing heads in?

  • Kathy Prendergast

    I keep sayng this, but all these sharia thugs need is to get the living s**t beaten out of them just once to stop all this nonsense. I suspect this is the reason they don’t try it in Canada. Canadian men are as nice as can be, until you try to come between one and his beer.

    • xavier


      Agreed. Those thugs need to beaten senseless and humiliated to publically and so empathically that they slink back to their holes.

      We don’the anyone’s permission to defend ourselves

  • Hard Little Machine

    Why delay the inevitable? Europe is shot.