Cartoon of “Famous Metropolitan Disasters” Has Liberals Fuming

What do the top ten cities with the highest poverty rate all have in common? Democrat leadership.

  • andycanuck

    And for some of those cities the Dem run stretches back to the 1920s.

  • canminuteman

    Hurricane Katrina taking credit foe New Orleans is rich. That’s pretty much a democrat accomplishment as well.

  • Well, it’s true.

  • HalcyonDaze

    I guess the truth hurts. Just ask Kwame Kilpatrick.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    The reason why Detroit is the way it is has to do with the fact that thousands of factories have been outsourced since NAFTA.

    Local governments do not impact employment very much. It is normally state and federal governments.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      Remember that the US has been at a race to the bottom for nearly 40 years.

      It is also debatable that the US does not make really anything and I would blame both parties. No wonder people are keen on protectionism.

  • JoKeR

    Chicago will be the next Detroit.

    • Alain

      Not so sure it isn’t already.