Bilderberg 2016: US election and refugees top of agenda at secret invite-only conference

Water cannon and other tools of democratic suppression have been deployed by German police in preparation for “violent” protests outside this weekend’s Bilderberg 2016 conference.

The top-secret, four-day meeting launched on Thursday in the German city of Dresden, but only a handful of protesters have turned up to shout at the powerful politicians, corporate CEOs, and media insiders on the invite list.

  • Alain

    Of course they would never use those water cannons and “other tools” on the Muslim hordes when they are rioting and raping German women.

    • terrence

      That would be Islamophobic, and we must NOT be Islamophobic…

    • The upper echelons will be safe from barbarian hordes (they hope).

      All of this crap is planned.

  • canminuteman

    Why would there be “media insiders” at a conference that the media doesn’t report on? (rhetorical question)

  • Hard Little Machine

    Does anyone still think there’s going to be anything resembling a legitimate election?