Reports on counterfeit Syrian passport industry corroborated

Harald Doornbos, a journalist based in Syria and works for the Dutch Nieuwe Revu magazine, bought in September 2015 a fake Syrian passport with the picture of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands printed on it.

Justin Trudeau - Syrian Asshat

Traitorous scum

  • Ron MacDonald

    We will never know how many fake Syrian we allowed into Canada.

    • Solo712

      Truly, I do not understand the concern. It’s like worrying when the gates of hell open, if the devils travel on genuine documents signed by Satan.

  • Denis

    but we know that all syrian refugees are properly vetted, even the ones from tunisia. Justin tudoe II said so!!!

    • Justin St.Denis

      Nobody told Shiny Pony that there are no black Syrians.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I’m shocked, shocked that Syrians would counterfeit passports.