Honouring ‘silent and unseen’ fighters who led Polish resistance

Seventy-five years after the Cichociemni were parachuted into Nazi-occupied Poland, British and Polish special forces gather to mark little-known chapter of war

Senior officers and veterans from Polish and British special forces are to gather in London to mark the 75th anniversary of a little-known chapter of the secret war against the Nazis.

The soldiers will on Saturday be honouring the Cichociemni (the Silent and Unseen), Polish guerrilla fighters, trained in Britain, who were parachuted at night into occupied Poland from 1941 onwards, the first such air drops behind German lines, to lead the resistance movement against the Nazi occupation.

  • simus1

    The Poles must feel they have a lot in common with those Kurds who have also spent most of their history fighting off occupiers and trying to avoid “helpful allies” who tire of the Polish fighting scenario almost as quickly as they hatch plans for their convenient betrayal.