Hillary’s (self?) servers

From Guy Benson,

As Donald Trump readies his anti-Clinton barrage on Monday, he has plenty of fresh material to work with. Hillary famously claimed that her bootleg, unsecure email server contained “no classified material.” This was comprehensively false.Thousands of classified emails passed through her improper server — including more than 100 she personally sent herself, and dozens that contained information at secret, top secret, and ‘beyond top secret‘ levels. Intelligence experts this week told theAssociated Press that some of these messages could have compromised the identities of CIA assets, and now the Wall Street Journal reports that at least some of her emails pertained to planned US drone strikes in Pakistan …

Reality check: Why is a person who may have seriously compromised US security fit to be US prez? Surely the US has already tipped. Are people just cabbaging among the ruins?

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