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austrian refugee center‘Trend is very clear’: Austrian refugee centers targeted 13 times in 1st quarter of 2016

In the beginning of February, a blast was reported in the district of Bregenz after firecrackers were set off in front of a guest house hosting 80 refugees.

“This trend apparently continued into the first quarter,” Grundböck said, adding that there is “no justification and zero tolerance” to criminal actions.

The Interior Ministry’s report comes just a few days after a brand new refugee center in Altenfelden, Northern Austria, owned by Red Cross, was burned down in what police said was an arson attack.

Low section of elementary students sitting in row in classroom

UN: Forced Christian assemblies against human rights

In a report the organisation urges the UK to repeal laws which require ‘broadly Christian’ worship, and for pupils to be given the right to withdraw from any form of religious worship in schools.

The report was produced by a group of “independent experts” of “high moral character.”

Speaking to Premier, Jay Harman from the British Humanist Association said: “It’s an affront to the rights of parents and children for all the reasons that the UN said.

no-swimming-gettyGerman swimming pool ‘bans burqini swimsuits’ following complaints

The swimming costumes cover the torso, arms and legs and are worn by some Muslim women wishing to swim while covering most of their body.

Town mayor Heinz Kiechle reportedly said of the decision: “Why the burqini as a full-body suit would be necessary to wear during a women’s swim day is for me incomprehensible. This also contradicts the fundamental ideas of integration and mutual understanding, which is always being discussed in many towns.”

They aren’t interested in ‘integration and mutual understanding’, Heinz. They came to conquer.

jihadisMore and more Western jihadists who have joined ISIS are pleading with their governments and families to get them home

‘I’m a jihadist, get me out of here,’ would appear to be the cry from disillusioned Westerners who joined Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) in the Middle East and who are now – in increasing numbers – pleading with their respective governments to help them return home,

‘Some have turned up at diplomatic missions in Turkey and others have sent furtive messages to their governments seeking assistance in escaping from territory the extremist group controls in neighboring Syria,’ reported The Wall Street Journal, citing Western diplomats and a Syrian network set up to help defectors.

Resident of Calais speaks: “This is the death of civilization”

Heart breaking description of how a government can destroy a city and a people. If ever there was an example of why a free people need a 1st and 2nd amendment style protection, this is it. Please watch it all.

cherCher Attacks Trump At Clinton Fundraiser: ‘I Just Want To Blow My Brains Out’

“When I see Trump talking I just want to blow my brains out,” Cher said. “Well maybe not my brains, but I’m just like ‘What are you talking about? Jesus.’”

Cher has endorsed Clinton for president.

“I’ve been alive through 11 presidents and when I was young, I didn’t even know if was possible for a women to be president of the United States,” she said. “I want to tell you that when Clinton ran for Senate, they asked me if I wanted to spend some time with her at a tea party gathering where she would talk to women. I was so interested in what she had to say, she was so different.

new-tim-berners-lee-580x358Sir Tim Berners-Lee: Internet has become ‘world’s largest surveillance network’

“It controls what people see. It creates mechanisms for how people interact. It’s been great, but spying, blocking sites, repurposing people’s content, taking you to the wrong websites completely undermines the spirit of helping people create,” he said.

“The problem is the dominance of one search engine, one big social network, one Twitter for microblogging.”

2103_Large_Popcorn_50__5Grab the Popcorn, the Left Is Imploding

After months of telling us we’re violent and violence isn’t the answer, we learn they think violence is okay as long as they’re the ones doling it out. Beta-faced Vox editor Emmett Resnin was just suspended for a week (with pay) after advocating violence against Trump supporters. HuffPo’s Jesse Benn agreed with Resnin, exclaiming, “Sorry Liberals, A Violent Response To Trump Is As Logical As Any.” I’d be stunned if either of them has ever been in a fight. The Killer Mike contingent of the Bernie Bros, however, is much more likely to “throw down,” and so they did when confronted with Trump supporters at a rally last week. Only they weren’t Trump supporters. They were fellow Bernie Bros. The bloodied but unbowed boobs then chanted, “Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!” while hoping nobody caught the incident on camera. We did.

Crying-Public-Domain-460x460Generation Snowflake: Safe Spaces, Trigger Warnings And The Wussification Of Our Young People

Why do so many of our young people instantly break down in tears the moment anything seriously offends them? Have we raised an entire generation that has been so coddled and that is so spineless that it is completely incapable of dealing with the harsh realities of the modern world? At colleges and universities all over America, students are now demanding “safe spaces” where anything and everything that could possibly make them feel “uncomfortable” is banned. And “trigger warnings” are being placed on some of our great literary classics because they might cause some students to feel “unsafe” because they may be reminded of a past trauma. In this day and age, our overly coddled young people have come to expect that they should be automatically shielded from anything that could remotely be considered harmful or offensive, and as a result we now have an entire generation that is completely lacking in toughness. That may be fine as long as you can depend on Mom and Dad, but how in the world are these young men and women going to handle the difficult challenges that come with living in the real world?

trojan jihadDHS agent: West blind to ‘jihad through immigration’

“Shariah is the arena [Muslims] operate in,” said Haney. “Shariah is the universe Muslims live inside. It forms the boundaries of the world they live. And their attempt to establish Shariah is an attempt to establish order in this violent, chaotic world that we live in.

“That’s why they say that Islam is a religion of peace, because for them Shariah equals peace. But the caveat to that statement that Islam is a religion of peace is that it’s not one right now. … They allow themselves the use of force to enforce this noble goal of establishing it throughout the world.”

GenderReassignmentVanderbilt adds gender reassignment surgery to student health coverage

The Gallagher Student Health Center at VU does not currently have a specific list of what procedures would be covered by the insurance change, as the policy has yet to be approved by the state. However, universities with similar policies, such as the University of Arizona, generally cover hormone therapy, behavioral health services, mastectomy, gonadectomy, and genital reconstructive surgery.

It is possible that VU will choose to cover additional surgeries that are considered cosmetic, including breast augmentation, hair removal, vocal modification, and rhinoplasty. Vanderbilt already covers transgender surgeries for employees, and also recently introduced a third-person pronoun of “they/them” in the 2015-2016 Student Handbook.