Another U.S. appeals court rules against Second Amendment

The California Attorney General who filed the appeal with the Ninth Circuit is none other than Kamala Harris. If that name isn’t familiar to you yet, it soon will be. She is a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat who is the front-runner for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by another anti-gun liberal, Barbara Boxer. And she has a long history of looking for ways to void the Second Amendment.

  • Martin B

    What part of “to keep AND bear arms” does Ms Harris not understand?

  • G

    Once again I have to criticize the judiciary (Holy Frig! This is becoming a daily occurrence.)

    I have said this for a long time. A dictatorship of Liberals/Crony capitalists will be mostly achieved through the use of the courts.

    There is no body in Canada that is LESS ACCOUNTABLE than the judiciary. They bear no oversight from anyone but other judges. Their wages are decided by other judges. Who can become a SCOC justice is decided by other judges. Their disciplinary procedures are decided by other judges. No other body on society is this powerful or self contained.

    On the rare occasions when the filthy peasants (voters) do actually get angry enough at the system to vote for a political party that the judiciary doesn’t approve of… the judiciary neuters every single act of that government.

  • Spatchcocked

    Being a citizen of Canada is turning into a mugs game at a recently accelerated pace…

  • Billy Clint Blanchette

    The Appeals court ruled that there is no constitutional right to carry concealed guns. This in no way dispenses with the right to bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

    • G

      When gaining power through the courts it’s game of incrementalism. The decision you render today seems harmless but it provides precedent for tomorrow’s decision.

      Bottom line? The judiciary cannot be trusted.

    • Minicapt

      And California has no prohibitions against ‘open carry’?


  • Ego

    With the Second Amendment abolished, the US will become what Europe is today.
    Not a morsel should be allowed to be taken away.