Why Hillary Clinton’s nomination is no triumph for womanhood

Women of the world unite! Back Hillary Clinton! Otherwise, prepare to be damned to that special place in hell that former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright insists exists ‘for women who don’t help each other’!

Exclamation marks are crucial to discussing Hillary Clinton for President.

  • Dana Garcia

    The best thing for American women would be to have a president who would desist from importing misogynous immigrants by the millions — Muslims & Mexicans to name a couple piggyman tribes.

    • Francesnchaffee3

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  • Americadies

    Hildabeast, Feminist Leader? Really? Let’s see; 1. She never developed enough self respect to throw Bill out, 2. She attacked all the women instead of Bill, 3. She sold her self respect for riches and fame.
    Yeah she is a real feminist.
    Liberals are beyond stupid.