Penis-Tucking 101

If you have ever wondered why Australia keeps slipping down the international ledger of school and student performance, the fixation of a left-dominated educational establishment with re-engineering human sexuality might have something to do with it

At the same time the Andrews government is removing religious instruction from the school curriculum there can be no doubt it is pushing a radical cultural-left agenda about sexuality and gender on Victoria’s school children. This shouldn’t surprise, as Premier Andrews is a key member of the ALP’s Socialist-Left faction and one of the policies his party took to the 2014 election stated that an incoming Labor government would “improve the health and safety of same-sex-attracted and gender-questioning (SSAGQ) students by ensuring schools and health services effectively address homophobia, including content of sexuality education”.

  • Alain

    This description applies to the education system in every Western country. I know it offers no comfort, but sadly it is a fact.

    • Clausewitz

      And here I thought it was just the results of being in the Commonwealth.

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      • Alain

        I stand corrected, since I was basing my comment on the anglophone world.