Our home is native’s land” — NEW lyrics to “O, Canada” unveiled!

Gavin McInnes of TheRebel.media talks about a Liberal’s proposal to make the lyrics less “sexist.”

  • Petrilia

    Leave O Canada alone for God’s sake. Quit messing with it. Every few years some woman, yes it is always a woman wants to change it. Shut up.It is good, it expresses our past, quit whining, especially this woman from Quebec. Enough!. Just never let Gavin McIness leadoff the singing.

    • BillyHW

      Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    • john700

      Hey, God is next to be removed from the lyrics.

    • Frances

      This time it’s a male type person of the opposite sex, no less. And a Francophone to boot. Let him stick to changing the lyrics to the French version first. Actually, I prefer the French lyrics, and sing them loudly (if not altogether on tune) on all possible occasions.

  • BillyHW

    Liberals contribute nothing positive to humanity.