One reason why so much news is bunk

From David Warren at The Catholic Thing:

As Owen Chadwick wrote of Michelet, and Lecky his English parallel (in The Secularization of the European Mind in the Nineteenth Century, a must read), the facts didn’t matter anyway. What most of their contemporary readers took away were the attitudes, instead. The facts could change, and did change as historical research continued; but the interpretation of the facts was “settled” for such readers – whether at first or at second hand.

Take for instance the storming of the Bastille. As we know today, every detail of Michelet’s account is not only false, but implausible. It was a fantasy in which Michelet himself perhaps “believed,” raised by him to the status of myth: the fundamental myth of tyranny overthrown. How many it inspired – to tyranny and slaughter.More.

Reality check: Government attempt to control the internet will almost always revolve around the care, feeding, and protection of bunk.

See also: Fire Katie Couric? But why? Leave her in place at Yahoo and shower her with honours! Always allow people to know that she is an excellent producer of fictional narratives in support of the causes she espouses. And that, if they want facts about you, they should come to you.