How Bernie Sanders Exposed the Democrats’ Racial Rift

Though it might offend his uber-progressive supporters to hear this, the Sanders insurgency is largely a white revolution. All the talk about Sanders representing the future of the Democratic Party because of his overwhelming popularity among young people leaves out an important caveat: He couldn’t persuade minority voters to sign on.

  • ontario john

    Just watched the Mohhamed Ali funeral service turn into a islam promoting, Jew hating, anti-white hate fest. Yes, both the CBC and CTV have live broadcast as a speaker promoted islam, demanded Israel get out of the West Bank, ranted against whites, while Bill Clinton smiled and agreed. And then of course the speaker backed Hillary for president. Praise Allah!

    • V10_Rob

      I wondered if it was just me that was perceiving the media tongue bath. On and on about how this was an islamic service, so wonderfully diverse, for rich and poor alike with both blacks and whites in attendance. Unlike all those Christian funerals that are $1000 a plate affairs with strict racial screenings at the door.

      • Daviddowntown

        I wondered if it was just me that was perceiving the media tongue bath.

        Its been going on for a freakin week!

        • ontario john

          I guess Jews know what a Hillary Clinton administration is going to look like. Bill Clinton thought it was pretty funny when a bat shit crazy muslim during the funeral service called for Israel to get out of the West Bank and make a deal with the terrorists there.

  • ntt1

    maybe Comrade sanders needs to offer the negroes free; loose shoes,tighter pussy and a guaranteed warm place to have sex.