Hillary and the death of the public

Identity politics has made petty demographic politicking respectable.

Hillary Clinton has clinched the Democratic nomination. Who saw that coming? Well, we all did. In a presidential election campaign defined by upsets, underdogs and uncertainty, this is one thing that has gone to plan, that was predicted all along. Despite an insurgent campaign from self-touting democratic-socialist Bernie Sanders, Hillary has done what she was supposed do: be sufficiently boring, steady and ‘electable’ to clinch it. Establishment candidate wins nomination.

Big whoop.

  • Minicapt

    I think that she is a splendid, splendid choice, and that the US will benefit immeasurably with her firm hand on the helm of State.


    • Daviddowntown

      My impression, maybe wrong given your sometimes arcane comments, left me with the impression that you were anyone but Trump.

      • Minicapt

        1. Not being a legal voter in the USA …
        2. Given the media’s propensity for tongue-baths, I thought I might attempt one.