Clinton presidency as the Road to Entitlement

From Heather Dockray at Mashable:

After months of trying to defend her emails and years of trying to crawl out of her husband’s scandals, Hillary Clinton finally has some good news to celebrate today: with her primary victories last night she has become the first female presumptive presidential nominee of any major presidential party.

On Monday, Clinton surpassed the magical number of delegates needed to capture the Democratic nomination. If recent polling is to be trusted, she’s now positioned to become the first female President of the United States.

Obviously, gender shouldn’t be the only reason we nominate a candidate — but it’s nonetheless an important variable, and today is a big f*cking deal for precisely that reason.

Here are 14 reasons why.

More. There are people out there who would vote for Lucretia Borgia. She was female. Let’s keep that in mind.

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