A Thirst for Victims – The Left’s worldview cannot be sustained without them.

Theodore Dalrymple

Last month, I appeared on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s popular weekly television programme, Q & A (Question and Answer), which broadcasts live before an audience that poses questions to a panel. I had been told that there would be a bias against me, the ABC being anticonservative. I’m glad to report, however, that I felt no such bias: I could hardly have been dealt with more fairly.

A few episodes after the one on which I appeared, a man named Duncan Storrar became something of a hero, at least to the liberal-left part of the population, when he asked the panelists, including the deputy finance minister, Kelly O’Dwyer, why the government was giving tax relief to higher-income earners but not to him, a man with a disability and little education who always worked for the minimum wage. The audience applauded vigorously.