A Thirst for Victims – The Left’s worldview cannot be sustained without them.

Theodore Dalrymple

Last month, I appeared on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s popular weekly television programme, Q & A (Question and Answer), which broadcasts live before an audience that poses questions to a panel. I had been told that there would be a bias against me, the ABC being anticonservative. I’m glad to report, however, that I felt no such bias: I could hardly have been dealt with more fairly.

A few episodes after the one on which I appeared, a man named Duncan Storrar became something of a hero, at least to the liberal-left part of the population, when he asked the panelists, including the deputy finance minister, Kelly O’Dwyer, why the government was giving tax relief to higher-income earners but not to him, a man with a disability and little education who always worked for the minimum wage. The audience applauded vigorously.

  • Frances

    Know too many who have struggled valiantly but been overcome, and who now are living marginally. It’s been my experience that they are the least complaining and most grateful people I know.

  • It is sad to see the day when people wear their circumstances on their sleeves like badges. There was a time when people carried on and made every attempt to throw off the tragic circumstances of their lives.

    What is even more depressing is that people who are genuinely victims of actual crimes or discrimination get no notice whatsoever (ie – Yazidis, Christians, ect).

  • BillyHW

    Dude sounds like a loser.