A political party for life? Can we talk?

As Canada prepares to sanctimoniously strip mental patients of their right to be protected from suicide, I noted that there was a long comment stream  here:

Don’t people get it! Canada’s ruling class doesn’t need Canadians. They have robots, temporary foreign workers, and slave labour overseas.

It’s that simple. Grasp it and you understand both abortion and euthanasia. Any vote wasted on any key party today is wasted. More.

Reality check: Maybe we should keep this question going. I’d intended to say more, more formally, in my series on understanding the Donald Trump candidacy in the United States, and still will, given the apparent interest. But this for now:

We need political parties that represent live North Americans who are not interested in religious apocalypses or suicide.

In my view, such parties must

– include protection of unborn children. It was murdering kids that taught the current lot the trade they now practice on the rest of us.

– avoid big and corporate donors like a deadly disease. They are not our friends; they are the parasites on slave labour overseas.

– use the internet to self-fund via small donors, spreading word via new media.

– don’t get involved with any particular religion; all traditional religions think it is a good idea to stay alive.

New parties usually fail because they are merely new responses to old problems.  But today, we have a new problem.  Governments don’t need us. They have robots, slaves, migrants, etc.  Under those circumstances, new parties often do succeed. Thoughts?

Note: Never give the Conservatives a cent again. They lost their right to survive as a party for ordinary people (= us euthanasia prospects) when they utterly failed us in so great an emergency. They are a foul footnote to the history of what happens when parties try to be in bed with corporate donors and the cocktail set while claiming to represent the rest of us. “Oh wait!! Oh wait!! Our interim chairman is … a Woman! That changes everything.”

See also: Broadening euthanasia in Canada In Trudeaupia, everything has a right to live except you, but at least you voted for it.

  • G

    “everything has a right to live except you, but at least you voted for it.”

    No I didn’t. Mind you neither did many Liberal voters.
    Euthanasia, like so many other social engineering projects and absolute farcical bullshit like the recent bestiality decision, have been rammed down our throat by courts that are almost gleeful in their pursuit of power for the sake of it.

    The Liberals were too gutless to fight the courts on it because the courts represent one of their greatest allies (the other being the press).

    • G

      But having said the above I do agree with your central point. ALL political parties are corrupt.

      It’s like professional wrestling. They all work for the same corporation. They just switch a meaningless title around every now and then to give the impression of some sort of competition.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Correction: Canadians are too gutless to stand up and be counted. I am hearing crickets everywhere Canadian about this. The only people who have expressed horror to me at what is happening in Canada is my own sister in Calgary, her sons, her grandchildren.

      I hate to admit this but it looks like Shiny Pony has a better grasp on how soulless Canadians are today than most commenters here.

      The Truth can sometimes be an uncomfortable fit. Canada has always had a problem with Truth, and now we see how uncomfortable Canadian Truth can actually be. Glad I have an exit strategy and a place to go when Canada goes full zombie…….

    • Clausewitz

      Canadians have the same value for life that most 3rd world nations have. We’re not at the level of the Muslim shit holes yet, but Junior is diligently working on that.

  • Linda1000

    Nope, I didn’t vote for our current leader. I mean really, who in their right mind votes for someone to lead their country based on his “cool” looks and father’s name with very limited business or financial experience. Also, there should be term limits for the SCofC judges and the Senate (or abolish completely).

    What else to do now but laugh?


    • G

      I’ve been advocating term limits for judges (especially SCOC) for a long time now.

      When a supreme cunt justice has no problem “reading in” a major thing like sexual orientation into a major, often used law like the charter of Rights and Freedoms —
      then has a big problem “reading in” a simple matter like penetration into a less important, common sense, RARELY USED law like bestiality…….

      There is something really fucking wrong with the court.

      • Justin St.Denis

        There is something really wrong with Canada when so many “problems” cannot even be raised, let alone discussed, without the feared words “national unity” being raised to KILL ANY AND ALL DEBATE. I have been hearing this for close to 60 years now.

        Canadians need to be reminded that they are NOT the former Yugoslavia – a genuinely ungovernable country. Canada isn’t ungovernable, it is just the BITCHIEST and MOST SMALL-MINDED country any of us can name. I wonder who might be in a position to change that?

        Or maybe somebody needs to die………..

  • Justin St.Denis

    I guess Canada and Canadians love murder and death more than we Christians love life and Jesus Christ. Maybe Shiny Pony sees a similarity between the death and murder-loving Canadians and Syrian and other muslim refugees. So far, Shiny Pony would appear to be correct in his evaluation of Canadians.

    The truth is sometimes an uncomfortable fit, isn’t it?

  • Tokenn

    I’m no fan of abortion, but I think calling for a formal legal ban is a losing strategy. Pro life forces _can_ win the moral battle against it, and should approach it that way.

  • Tokenn

    I’m no fan of abortion, but I think calling for a formal legal ban is a losing strategy. Pro life forces _can_ win the moral battle against it, and should approach it that way.

    • Alain

      Well the fact that Canada is the only developed country in the West with no law, no regulations whatsoever concerning abortion while providing full funding for what amounts to elective surgery, tells me there is a lot of void ground between a total ban and what we have. Even putting an end to full term abortions and stopping public funding in all cases not resulting from rape or where the mother’s life is in danger would be a big leap.

    • Canada need a party for life.