A political party for life? Can we talk?

As Canada prepares to sanctimoniously strip mental patients of their right to be protected from suicide, I noted that there was a long comment stream  here:

Don’t people get it! Canada’s ruling class doesn’t need Canadians. They have robots, temporary foreign workers, and slave labour overseas.

It’s that simple. Grasp it and you understand both abortion and euthanasia. Any vote wasted on any key party today is wasted. More.

Reality check: Maybe we should keep this question going. I’d intended to say more, more formally, in my series on understanding the Donald Trump candidacy in the United States, and still will, given the apparent interest. But this for now:

We need political parties that represent live North Americans who are not interested in religious apocalypses or suicide.

In my view, such parties must

– include protection of unborn children. It was murdering kids that taught the current lot the trade they now practice on the rest of us.

– avoid big and corporate donors like a deadly disease. They are not our friends; they are the parasites on slave labour overseas.

– use the internet to self-fund via small donors, spreading word via new media.

– don’t get involved with any particular religion; all traditional religions think it is a good idea to stay alive.

New parties usually fail because they are merely new responses to old problems.  But today, we have a new problem.  Governments don’t need us. They have robots, slaves, migrants, etc.  Under those circumstances, new parties often do succeed. Thoughts?

Note: Never give the Conservatives a cent again. They lost their right to survive as a party for ordinary people (= us euthanasia prospects) when they utterly failed us in so great an emergency. They are a foul footnote to the history of what happens when parties try to be in bed with corporate donors and the cocktail set while claiming to represent the rest of us. “Oh wait!! Oh wait!! Our interim chairman is … a Woman! That changes everything.”

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