Wynne’s climate change strategy rewards big business while punishing average Ontarians

The funniest thing about Premier Kathleen Wynne’s unveiling of Ontario’s plan to fight global warming Wednesday wasn’t her observation that the weather was freezing on June 8, before she hightailed it out of the Evergreen Brick Works in a gas-guzzling SUV.

The funniest thing was the comment of her climate change minister, Glen Murray, to the Toronto Star the day before that Ontario’s $8.3-billion climate change plan is “a big basket of carrots and no sticks.”

Because it’s only a basket of carrots if you’re one of the more than 100 major industrial greenhouse gas emitters that will be getting free carbon credits — in essence, free money — from the Wynne government under its cap-and-trade legislation, which kicks in Jan. 1.

  • mauser 98

    big business said : ‘hey stupid any carbon tax and we’re outa here…warmer in Mexico .. got it.. get it moron

  • Ron MacDonald

    It’s time to divide Ontario into several provinces, as long as the Liberals have Toronto and the Ottawa Valley in their back pocket we are screwed.

    • DMB

      The rot is too deep. Even many of our so called conservative politicians have become progressives. No matter how often a left wing politician is out of power there seems to be 10 more eagerly waiting to take his/her place. The only way they can be stop is through insolvency. When they have no more money available for their spending sprees, pet projects or vote whoring agenda’s is when the madness will end.

  • ontario john

    Just watched the Queen of gay being asked in question period, how giving California three billion dollars over the next few years is going to help Ontario. Her reply was it will help fight global warming. Gee, with logic like that, we should give billions to Nigerian telephone scammers to cure cancer.

  • ontario john

    But exciting news for Wynne’s Ontario. The first trans gender thing will throw out the first pitch at the Blue Jays game tonight. In related news another Toronto area teacher has been charged with sex offenses against children.

  • WalterBannon

    Wynne belongs in prison

  • Gary

    Knowing Glen Murray’s sexual preference I can only guess where those carrots were prior to pulling them out to toss in the basket .

    • felis gracilis

      “Bugsy” Murray looks like he has been stuffing carrots (without concern as to their provenance) into his gaping maw steadily for years. How many chins does one guy need anyway?
      But the real problem with Bugsy, which is also a problem for the Province of Ontario, is that he lives in a complete fantasy land and wants to force all Ontarians to live in it with him.

  • Bataviawillem

    It’s not free money for the chosen green house gas emitters, it is financial punishment on there competition.

  • canminuteman

    I am not sure whether these people are scamming us or if they are just plain retarded

    • Concerned Canadian

      First they are plainly retarded but still able to put together a scam. Murray said that by awarding electric vehicles purchasers grants of several thousand dollars will level the playing field by making them more cost effective versus gas powered cars. He said it with a straight face too.

  • bargogx1

    That’s the way these things always work.