Why London is NOT the Greatest City in the World

  • Gary

    My City boasts about having over 60 nationalities while offering Services in over 100 languages.
    Forget the massive Debt to give every community their own Community Centre’s and have $60,000.00 a year Union jobs for employees top provide the 100 Languages when someone calls a Service . Forget the Welfare Industrial Complex ghettos with drug problems and the current Homicide rate up 125% so far from last year and it’s not even summer when the real gang shooting start.

    You are right that my City has gone to the Global Village template too , plus every day I feel like I’m at the World’s Fare in some endless dream where I can’t get back to my home I grew up in because my Culture was wiped out and “That’s racist” to not want Diversity .

    If I wanted to live in Somalia or Mexico City I would have moved there…..I didn’t expect my Government to fund those hell-holes to move here .

    • Amen.

    • marty_p

      One comment to add – I am tired of the main daily newspaper in the city you describe, providing readers with a continuous barrage of articles detailing how certain groups (that are the beneficiaries of extensive largesse from all 3 levels of Government) are downtrodden and victims of every type of racism.
      Yesterday they published a letter to the editor claiming that the Mike Harris Govt. (Yup some morons are still blaming Mike Harris all these years later) cutting welfare payments is what is causing the gun violence and crime rate to grow …as the recipients of social benefits have to turn to crime to supplement their income”.
      Today we have an Op Ed piece from a regular columnist complaining of a certain group being stigmatized by “the establishment” due to their skin colour and their religion…Yup a double whammy.

      • Gary

        Yes, those poooor victims of racism where i have gone into a Gov Office for Services and seen close to 40% of the staff as non-whites while also 80% women.
        The Diversity Policy didn’t work in the Public Sector Unions because CUPE , OPSEU and so on would not allow the massive letting go of the Senior Union members born in Canada that are most Whites in the upper strata.
        While the Economy grew only about 12% over several years under the Ontario Liberal the Budget proves that the Government grew by 30% which had to be Fabricated jobs for paper-pushers to meet their own Diversity Quota.
        Private businesses scaled down and went Automated or send manufacturing jobs outside Canada for cheap labour to import the items ……but not for the Government thanks to the Unions and insane Immigration system and Human Rights for non-Citizens Quotas such as we see in the Toronto Police and soon the RCMP .

        ISIS will love Canada to send terrorist here that can get Police Uniform and carry guns to slaughter us like the Fort Hood attack or turn their Police car into an VBIED ( vehicle bound IED) and go Jihad next to a Jewish Temple or gay bar.

        Politicians will read their scripted response as a tragic event and wonder how this was allowed to happen .
        Blah blah , blah blah , blah blah blah blah……

        Diversity kills.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Our YouTube viewing patterns must be pretty danged close that we get the same recommended videos. ūüėČ

  • simus1

    Fire whoever left her door unlocked.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I am struck by how vague and mild are this lady’s observations. Essentially, London’s economic profile viewed from the perspective of younger renters is hostile to same. Is that all there is? Could she, for example, have come to a more specific conclusion/observation such as – “Well, London’s ‘diversity’ has shown me as a tourist/traveller that I never want to vacation in Somalia, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Senegal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey or Afghanistan, just for starters….”

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      She actually moved to Turkey.
      She talks mostly about English language accents and factoids.

  • Waffle

    is her habit of constant repetition a sign of a speech defect or a mental disease?

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      I think she has some mild autism spectrum disorder.

  • John

    Diversity means its opposite. All western cities are losing their native flavour and are becoming interchangeable collections of Third-world minorities

    When visit London I want to see ‘British’…fish and chips, mushy peas…whatever.

    I wouldn’t go there looking for chicken tandoori.

    If I want a world class chicken tandoori, I,ll head to Bombay