Watch As America Haters Try To Burn The Flag…

The flag burner tells the bikers, “I don’t love this country,” adding, “I’m from Vietnam; we don’t exactly go along with y’all.”

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Love it or leave it.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    You know what would have been better?
    That Vietnamese kid being beaten into a coma.
    That would have been a way-better ending.

    • Hildambowman3

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  • Gary

    I heard on the radio from a caller to a show in the USA that the Hell’s Angels and getting ready to show up on their choppers in mass to the Trump rallies to do what the Cops fear doing because of the Treasonous weasel mayor’s letting mexcians riot and beat up American women in public.

    Time for the illegal parasites to get a beating thanks to the Communist thug in the White House that wants to destroy the USA so the muslims and Communists can take over and make it just like the hell-holes they fled for the Welfare and Housing where they now say thanks you by beating up citizens.

    Enough already , the gutless media fear Obama because of his Race Card but he’s not really Black or really white, he’s an ex-muslim and fake Christian that has self-hatred for coming from wealth while trying to play the Son of a slave like his wife does .

    The Hillary and Burnie mobs hate the cops……so fine , let them stand back and watch the HA beat the crap out of the first egg thrower of flag burning Mexcian waving their mexcian flag.
    Let these rabid savage illegal feel the BURN that next day , maybe do what Brad Pitt did in the movie to carve a Swastika in the fore head of every Mexican illegal rioting or the anti-American jew-hating thugs among the democrats that are the Party of slavery and the KKK.