Waitress assaulted on French Riviera for ‘serving alcohol’ on first day of Ramadan

A waitress in a cafe in central Nice has filed a police complaint after she was allegedly assaulted by two men because she refused to “stop serving alcohol” on the first day of the holy month of Ramadan.

…The waitress, a French 30-year-old of Tunisian origin, said she was serving drinks at Monday lunch on the terrace of the Vitis Café on Nice’s rue Lamartine, near the rue d’Anglais, when two men started haranguing her, insulting the young woman because she was serving alcoholic beverages to customers.

“I was all alone in the bar when two passers-by suddenly appeared. They pointed to the bottles of alcohol behind the bar, then one of them told me in Arabic: ‘You should be ashamed of yourself serving alcohol in the Ramadan period.’

The men launched into a tirade, calling her a “dirty whore” and left the cafe in a hurry. A few seconds later, however, the venue’s CCTV footage reportedly shows the two men turn round abruptly and one of them rush towards her and violently slap the waitress in the face, knocking her to the floor.    h/t

  • Gary

    That’s it Justin ….. you just keep bringing in thousands more of these types of men as “refugees” until the LCB’s across canada get bombed during ramadan or another Muslim terrorist storm the House in Ottawa to slaughter dozens on MP’s for working during Ramadan or not respecting their Fasting while you eat lunch.

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    Justin will have us practising Sharia and islam by-proxy as he makes everything Halal complaint for food and Quran compliant for prayer rooms and gender apartheid everywhere .

  • simus1

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