Ontario Liberals Abandon $40+ Million Fund For Nurses

Behold the train wreck:

The Ontario Liberals have been forced to abandon a fund of more than $40 million that failed to stem the loss of nurses in the province after spending 10 times more on expenses than on saving jobs, Postmedia has learned.

A decade after the government created the Nursing Retention Fund because of a fear nurses would be felled by waves of pink slips, nurses say they’re more short-staffed than ever and have taken over stewardship of the money through their associations and union.

That’s an arrangement that seemingly no one wanted — but the only option, thanks to a deal called an irrevocable trust inked by the Health Ministry in 2006 under then-minister George Smitherman.

In the fund’s 10 years, it paid out more than $6 million in expenses — more than tenfold what was paid out to save nursing jobs — to insurers, advisers, administrators and the bank trustee, CIBC Mellon Trust.

“To our surprise and grave concern, very few hospitals applied for funding. Since the inception of the program, $577,812 had been disbursed to hospitals,” nursing leaders wrote to Health Minister Eric Hoskins this year in a letter obtained by Postmedia.

  • andycanuck

    George. F#cking up from beyond the political grave.

  • Waffle

    Too many unconnected dots to make sense of this story. Oddly, not a mention of the role of the LHINs, those elaphantine, blood-sucking vampires in this whole, ungodly mess;

    Ironically, little Commie Doris is still defending the Liberals and taking cheap shots at Mike Harris, even though the Libs tossed her under the bus awhile back.

    If you read through the stats offered up by the Health Minister, you’ll notice that most of the increase in “nurses” is not in the R.N. category.

    In the past several years, I have been an in-house “guest” at two Toronto hospitals. Regardless of how bad my health gets, I will not go back. They are truly frightening places. Aside from the fact that much time is wasted and mistakes (lots of the) are made due to failure to effectively communicate — nobody bothers to read or write nurses/doctors notes. And it doesn’t matter if one is a native English speaker or not, the result is the same. Training is abysmal and time-management does not exist.

    Like everything else they get their grubby fingers on, the system is a mess.

    • mauser 98

      cheap shots at Mike Harris?
      please give a source… i want to forward to others

      • Waffle

        Read the article.

        • mauser 98

          oops sorry … did not read that far

  • mauser 98

    Wynne gubmint a bunch of drunks staggering from one train wreck to the next

  • Everyone Else

    Whether you call it success or failure depends on which side of the bread you expect to get buttered.