Muslim waitress is assaulted in south of France for serving alcohol on first day of Ramadan

Police have launched a criminal investigation after a Muslim waitress in the south of France was attacked for serving alcohol on the first day of Ramadan.

The horrifying assault took place in Nice, the seaside city that will play host to thousands of football fans attending Euro 2016 next week.

Politicians immediately claimed that the incident was an example of the growing influence of religious extremism in France.

  • xavier

    No it’s display of insufferable Islamic supremacism of apply sharia in an alien land.

    The French need to crack so hard that skulls get cracked in the process

  • CaligulaJones

    I love this from another source:

    “One of them is known to be an illegal migrant who is a notoriously threatening figure in the district”

    Great. I’ll be in Nice in a few weeks…have to try to give this place some business.

    • B__2

      The linked article in the Telegraph attempts to gloss over the cause and tries to put a nice spin on islam by claiming that the biggest danger is to the muslims and not from them: “Yet so far, the worst immediate threat came from an “immigrant-hating” far-Right Frenchman arrested in Ukraine with a “vast arsenal” of weapons and explosives that police said he intended to use on Muslim and Jewish places of worship.” According to the Telegraph this threat is greater than the threat from ISIS who threatened that this Ramadam would be “the month of conquest and jihad”.

      Small wonder that the UK Telegraph no longer allows comments on its articles – they must have got tired of people calling them out on their bullsh*t.

  • Spatchcocked

    She should have made the gentlemen a Molotov cocktail…….on the house.

  • B__2

    It seems obvious from the authorities blaming “religious extremism” that the crime must be due to one of the following anti-alcohol religions:
    Sikh, Pentecostal, Baptist, or Methodist.
    Hmm, doesn’t sound right – perhaps I’ve missed one…..
    …Aha! It could have been one of those extremist Jainists. Wait- maybe the Jainist’s respect for all life might preclude such an extremist from this assault.
    i do get the feeling that I’m missing a religion here, one which exhorts its followers not just to not drink alcohol, or handle alcohol, but to also prevent anyone else from drinking, handling or coming into contact with alcohol.
    I just get the feeling that the perpetrator is not Sikh, Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist or Jainist, but can’t think of any other religion that it could possibly be….
    I’m sure we’ll hear from the authorities about which religion that was taken to extremes that permitted such an attack. In time.