Muhammad Ali embodied everything lefties hate about ‘lad culture’

Every wet leftie has been paying tribute to Muhammad Ali over the past 72 hours. Which is kind of weird considering Ali embodied everything they loathe. Male bravado, urban swagger, cockiness, masculinity by the bucketload: the things that made Ali great are the things his right-on mourners normally agitate and commentate against. Their hailing of Ali is as mad as a bunch of zebras turning up to the funeral of a lion.

Nothing rattles today’s liberal-leftists more than the idea of the powerful bloke. Especially cocksure poor ones who are mouthy and — oh my God — use their muscle to get ahead in life.

  • FivePointSpurgeon

    Just wait until lefties read his thoughts on interracial marriage.

  • Gary

    Look how fast the God-haters supported the Pope once he embraced the Global warming myth . But now he says that the flood of migrants should stop because ot will destroy the culture of the nations they pour into.
    The leftist bashed Trump over the Wall, but now they are silent when Kenya just announced that they will build a 400+ mile Wall to keep out Somali terrorists .
    Imagine that , Obama’s homeland is building a Wall.

  • Blind Druid

    If they see this, their heads will explode.