Here in Ottawa, it is so chilly that …

… people are wearing winter jackets. including some with the fur hoods up.

But many would probably favour making it a crime to doubt global warming. I wish I understood.

Reality check: When will the distinctly “Evita!”-style affair with the Trudeaus be over?

See also: Bill Nye is open to jail time for climate change skeptics.


Supercoddling Clinton:  One of the things that classically distinguished North America from south of the Rio Grande was that, in general, our politics was not like this. A politician was just a politician. A bureaucrat was just a bureaucrat. A police chief was just a functionary; maybe supervising a small army of unfunny clowns, who knows? But they did not matter much to us because they could not ruin our lives very easily. It made sense to pay a bit to keep them all at a distance. Pierre Trudeau changed all that, much for the worse.