Efforts to Bring In Yazidi Refugees Stymied by Feds


The Jewish community in Winnipeg has raised more than $250,000 to bring seven families of Yazidi refugees to the city, but the process remains slow — despite calls for the federal government to step up relocation efforts for displaced Yazidi people.


Remember – PM Trulander called prioritising Yazidis and Christians “disgusting“:

“And to know that somewhere in the Prime Minister’s Office staffers were poring through their personal files to try and see … which families would be suitable for a photo-op for the prime minister’s re-election campaign. That’s disgusting.”

Trudeau vowed that a Liberal government would “absolutely not” prioritize religious and ethnic minorities.

The cheap shot not only deliberately ignored the very obvious fact that religious minorities were routinely being killed by ISIS but that the Trudeau government valued Muslim migrants above all else.

Thousands of Yazidis have been killed or displaced since ISIS took control of the regions where they lived.


(Courtesy: SDA)


  • Reader

    This song is dedicated to Justin.


  • Gary

    100 years from now the Pm will apologize for canada refusing to take in the Yazidi refugees that were slaughter by the same devout muslims canada took in as refugees .

    • Yo Mama

      Not after we start being ruled under by sharia “law”.

  • GrimmCreeper

    Muzzies in the fast lane and Christians to the rear. Seems this BS is popular amongst statists all over the world these days.

  • Waffle

    And the CJN is still maintaining radio silence . . .

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Juthtinian is “disgusting”.

    • Entire indigenous populations are gone and the West helped.

      No more holocausts, my @$$.